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Hi! I'm that crazy crypto artist you follow on social. IDK why, but thank you for listening. LMAO
Welcome to my website and gift shop! Below you will find a list of links specific to my NFTs and personal artwork. You can navigate the entire shop by using the navigation menus at the top or bottom of any page. If you have any questions, there is a messenger in the bottom right corner or every page. Let me know if you need anything. 
HerHighness NFTs Home Page
Diary of a Crypto Artist Blog by HerHighness
HerHighness NFTs on Opensea
HerHighness on Twitter
HerHighness on Instagram
Follow me on DeFine
Shop Smart Sassery
To the Moon Stocks and Crypto Collection
410 Friendly Weed so Loud Collection
Smart Sassery Product Updates on Twitter
RBF Grafix Design Studio
Favorite Music on Spotify
The links above are mine and where you can find me most anywhere. Below are ways to tip me, as well as affiliate links to services I use and love. We can both gain perks from the links you use. I never share anything I do not use myself.
HerHighness.eth Wallet Address & Home page link
This is my wallet address for $ETH only right now. As I set it up more coins and tokens will be accepted and listed here. 
HerHighness Coinbase Wallet
If you are a Coinbase wallet user you can sent to my username above.
Crypto tipping - Buy me me tacos
Here you can tip in any cryptocurrency I accept in my shop.
Tip in fiat - Taco money
If fiat is your thing this is where you would tip.
Shopify Free Trial - Certified Shopify Partner
40 Free Listings on Etsy
Free Bitcoin on Coinbase
Crypto View Trading Services
Grove Collaborative free gift
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