Let's Talk About Ads

Let's Talk About Ads

First and foremost lets talk about my ads and data. My business is currently growing. YAY! Sorry got excited again there..  With that comes new opportunities and tools. I am now big enough that I am able to collect and utilize the same data bigger companies are pulling from social media. These are setting you have control of in your own user settings, and things you opt into when you accept their terms and conditions. Big difference here, I am not selling or sharing any of your information. Never.

I am also currently working on rolling out my email marketing. You can sign up for emails here. I am working on starting a monthly series with news, tips, and the posts I’ve made here.  This is because here is where all my shop updates will live, and I don’t want you to miss them.  This will be a slow start as I get this going.  I will also be using them for advertising, along with social advertising, targeting customers that have visited my site.  Targeted start date is the beginning of 2022. 

Lastly I’d like to talk quickly about ad links, also called referral links and affiliate links. I have services I talk about that give me compensation when you start using them.  I have a list of all the links like this here.  I will never share anything I don't use and/or love myself. Promise.

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