The Intro

The Intro

I want to first thank you for taking the time to look around my blog. This is a new endeavor for me. I have been trying to think of a way to answer all the questions I get in one organized space. There will be another blog on how my studio works and what to expect when working together down the road.

I guess I should start with an introduction. My name is Indi, I am an experienced freelance graphic designer. My business was pretty much built by accident. I always think of Bob Ross when I tell this story because my business is truly a happy little accident. Short story, the firm I worked for in Kansas City shut down unexpectedly, and ever since I’ve been creating for others on my own.  

Extended story.. I never truly established a formal business. Friends knew I designed and would ask me for help. Their friends found out and thus a business of sorts was created from word of mouth alone. Although I never really considered it a business. At first, I was just helping others, then I was simply taking jobs. 

Now I have a designated space for myself and my services. Working a little backward here, but that’s ok. That's the beauty of your own business, you get to do what works for you. I really believe that’s the secret to creating a business that works for you and that you can grow without coming to hate your own creation, or being consumed by it. 

I wanted to create a space free from the “Let me show you how to make $100,000 in 30 days” nonsense. I wanted to create a space that could possibly help another business without making them feel like they are doing it all wrong, or worse failing.

I am a freelance graphic designer, I am not a life coach. I am not selling you how to find the most or the best clients. I am simply sharing my own experiences and some tips on how to build a great web space as well as setting up your back-end to work for you. I am here to help with the technical and design aspects. Unfortunately, I'm not your girl for the people stuff. You'd be looking to find a Social Media Manager for that.

As a Mailchimp Partner I'm completely certified. I'm also a Certified Shopify Partner, and I've been certified for Google Services as well. I have experience with design for web, social, email, and direct mail marketing. I've been building Shopify stores as a partner since 2015. I've been implementing Google business services since it's inception as Google Apps for business.  I can do this for you, or teach you how to leverage the services out there on your own.

That being said, I don't only work for businesses. I create for individuals as well. Everything from baby shower invitations to birth announcements, and birthday invitations. I can help you tell everyone you have moved or started a new business. I can help you make your digital and print information beautiful. I offer design as well as full printing services. 

I’m slowly putting together a shop of ready-made designs, but as of now I just take custom requests. 

If you are interested in working with me please request a quote here.

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