The Pricing Beast

The Pricing Beast

I notice a lot of sellers way under price their items. I notice this far more than I notice over priced items, and to be honest, we all notice as sellers. We notice because when one seller is using drastically lower prices, it hurts us all. I live life with the understanding that most things are done out of ignorance rather than malice. So where I know some people sell very low to get visible sales, most people are just desperately trying to navigate how to price their items while fearing they are going to be too high and no one will buy them.  I get it.  Pricing and posting content on social are the hardest things for me personally. I have yet to figure out social, but this pricing sheet changed my life. No joke. 

I’m linking a spreadsheet to help you with your pricing. This is for retail as well as wholesale pricing. If you have no desire to sell wholesale just disregard that breakdown.  If you think you could maybe be interested down the line, start working it into your business plan now.  Play with the spreadsheet, make it work for you. There are spaces for yearly costs and supplies that aren’t just one time use. As well as help with assigning an amount to your time. 

To use this spreadsheet you will need to copy your own to your drive folder. I leave this one on view only so that it may be used as a template for others. I hope you enjoy this and it helps you out a lot. If you love it please take a look at my other tips and think about sharing my blog so that others can find help they need as well. If you need any help with building a shop or branding your business, I’m your girl.  If you need assistance with people skills, please tell me when you find that help. I need it too.  

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Please think about sharing my blog if you find that it helps. Thank you. 

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