The Silence

The Silence

Hi! Let me please introduce myself. My friends call me “Silence”. 

Not even kidding a little bit. I was given this nick name back in my 20s because I’m just not one to talk a whole lot, and I get quieter the more people are paying attention. That being said, I also won’t stfu if I’m truly comfortable with you and we’re in a one on one situation. I tend to shit post in real life. I’m a little insane, and I’m sorry for that.  

When they aren’t poking fun at my quiet nature my friends call me Indi, and that’s what everyone else tends to pick up on as well.  

I am a 40 year old mother of one fiery young lady, an advocate and rescuer of the derpiest breed of dogs known to man, and a spoonie warrior.  I have been a Dancer, an Athlete, a Mortician, and a Vet Tech. I have explored many things that I loved. Then life’s path, and my heart, lead me to digital art. (No worries I have no intention of trying poetry.) 

I have been working as a Graphic & Web Designer/Developer for almost half of my life now. I absolutely love the energy from watching a small business owner seeing their dream come alive. It just makes my heart do all the acrobatic things. I mean, how can it not fill one with love?!

I’ve always taken freelance work, and for some odd reason haven’t created a space for people to find me. Crazy right. So that’s what you’ve stumbled upon. I thank you for being here, and making it this far through this post. 

You see, in all honesty creating a social presence is really hard for me. (Here’s where I’m about to get painfully honest. I hope you’re ready because I’m not so much, but here it goes…) It gives me some major anxiety and I never know what to say. I’m great at the technical end of things, but I really struggle with the social. I’m not sure, there’s just something that makes me feel like I’m not really good enough at times.. and I’m afraid to mess up. Yet at the same time I know I’m extremely good at what I do. Idk. It’s a crazy place in my head. (Did you read that as fast as I tried to spit it out?) I digress.

That being said, the forward facing portion of my business is a work in progress, and sometimes I might seem a little absent. I’m sorry for that. I promise even if I seem absent, I am far from it. I'm just one person, and I place most of my focus on client services. So I’m probably working really hard on turning someone’s dreams into a reality. Or writing a post fifty times and deleting it. Either way, I’m here. I thank you bunches for sticking around. You’re petty rad for that. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.  Looking for a quote? Please request one here. I promise not to bother you, I'm silent. 

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