URL Shortners

URL Shortners

Ok. So you’re using Bit.ly custom domains and now you hit the new paywall.  You were just trying to shorten a link for something you’re trying to bust ass to post on time. 

Now you’re faced with a whole new project. You have all these links that you NEED to work. You’re looking at creating them all over again… Changing them and going back to long links. Eww… Or switching them over to a new service. Overwhelm hits right.. about.. HERE. If you’re anything like me you probably didn’t even get that post made and now your squirrel brain has pulled you into a hundred possibilities to research and test. Then you hit the second paywall. You can’t export your links! You have to type out Every. Single. One. Here we’ve come to the part where I was ready to give up and pretend the problem didn’t exist until it became much worse. 

Don’t panic. I got you. 

Here’s what you need to know. It’s all true. Bit.ly is paid only, when it comes to custom domains now. You now need to upgrade to the paid service to keep your custom domains and to export your links. You could have time. Your links will work until your domain is ready to update.

What if I told you there’s a work around that won’t have you increasing your budget, or your workload. I myself am not ready to pay for this service. I just don’t use more than 1K links a month. That’s fine. To be honest, I’m gearing up to move into a paid email marketing service before I pay to shorten my links. That’s the beautiful thing about being able to leverage your skills to build a business that works for you. You don’t have a set order of purchases or services to succeed. Just try spending in the areas you need the most help first. It’s a better return when you factor in stress as well. 

Back to project overwhelm. I mean the links. Here’s how to migrate all your Bit.ly links automatically. Yep. I said what I said.

There is another url service that allows you to use custom links (as well as subdomains) with their free service. Short.io. I am in no way affiliated with this service. I just found it and I like it. I also make no promises. I’m simply sharing something I found extremely useful. 

Let’s do the thing. First and foremost you need to have control of your own DNS. I’m assuming you can do this (or get it done) if you’re here trying to figure out this program. After you have an account with Short.io you’re going to point your domain (or subdomain) used for your links to Short.io instead of Bit.ly. So go to your DNS settings and Edit your A-Record to

Now you just sit back. No, seriously. Each time a user clicks on your link that link will be imported to Short.io. Only your active links will be migrated to your new account. Not only will this automate the job, it’s also cleaning out that list of links that’s probably needed it for a while now. After about a month, or however long you need, you’re going to edit that A-Record again. This time you’re changing the A-Record IP to  Ta-da! Finished.

I know some will say that’s cheap… but here’s how I see it. If a business is supporting me as a little guy like this; the more I grow the more I will need this service, outgrowing my free tier. I’m absolutely going to spend my money on a service that, I not only already know but, supported me when I didn’t have much. Not only does that mean I support the company that supported me, I’m also supporting the idea of helping more small businesses grow. Helping more people like us. 

Short.io is my pick for custom URL shorteners. Hands down. Let me know if this is something you need help with. My studio offers consultation and setup services. Use the navigation menu to request a quote. 


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