Changes in the Shop

Changes in the Shop

I've waited to write this long enough, I need to announce some changes to my shop and I'm sorry it's taken me this long. As you might have noticed, the handmade jewelry as well as crocheted items in my shop have not been being restocked and inventory is dwindling. This is because I will no longer be carrying these items regularly in my shop. I will also no longer be taking custom requests for crocheted items. 

I do apologize for an inconvenience this may cause. I suffer from a form of nephropathy that is causing numbness and pain in my extremities.   I am unable to make this items with the speed and efficiency I once have. My nephropathy also effects my eyesight, which makes beading and lacing quite difficult. 

No worries, my shop is not closing. This is my only income, and your orders help me obtain the medical help I need. I am still able to make many things that don't require the dexterity of beading, jewelry, and crochet. I'm also working with Neurologists to see what can be done to help me regain my mobility, and in ongoing physical therapy to help counter the effects. 

I'm working extremely hard for myself, my family, and you!  I still love to create and this seriously breaks my little creative heart to deliver this message. These are crafts that I adore. 

I needed to write this now as I would begin taking custom holiday orders at the end of the month. The items left in my shop are all that I have left. Please understand that this has not been an easy decision at all. Thank you so much for understanding, and listening.  Please have a wonderful day. 


COVID Shop updates can be found here.

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