Free Books!

Free Books!

If you have not heard of Book Bub you really need to check it out. Use my link to get yourself free and discounted ebooks right to your email every day. Seriously, this is the only way I can keep my little one in books. She is an avid little reader and as I absolutely love that.. you know how that can be an expensive habit. Hehehe.  Try it out. There’s really nothing to lose.

I’ve also just begun a book traveling program wrapped up in one big pay it forward project. I have books I will send to you, for free. I just really want to celebrate the reading community. There is a catch. When you are finished you cannot keep the book. You must find someone else to send it to, and tell them the same rules. I ask that you take a picture of the book or a selfie with the book to post and tag me. I love to see where they go. These books are also registered and numbered. So you can go online and leave a comment about where you are from and what you thought of the book. This creates a thread that can be followed to see the books journey. Below are a list of the books available. If you see one you like comment below to start the journey! 

Throne of Glass - Sarah J Maas

Court of Frost & Starlight - Sarah J Maas

Court of Wings & Ruin - Sarah J Maas

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