GoodReads A Bookish Love

GoodReads A Bookish Love

So I really love books. If you follow me you've probably picked up on this. So I wanted to share a few things with you here!  First off have you signed up for FREE BOOKS yet?!  Yes, seriously, I said free books. This is how my daughter and I keep in books. Follow this link you can either search the site, or sign up for emails. Tuesdays are my favorite days for emails. Now fair warning, they are not all free. There are a great number of free and discounted books. Also, I cannot be held responsible for exploding TBRs. If you use my link, it enters the kid to win a year of free books. 

I also wanted to share what I'm reading with you. You can find what I'm reading, and all kinds of things really, on my Twitter. If you just want to keep an eye on my reading widget, this is your post. It will stay updated. My blog is also broken down into searchable sections.  Reading lists, bookish things, the little, the shop, and my life in general.

So, as promised... Here's what I'm currently reading and what I've just finished. Oh, and I couldn't leave out some quotes to share. Leave a comment if you have some recommendations.   



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City of Bones
tagged: currently-reading
tagged: currently-reading



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Strange Practice
really liked it
It's a pretty nice relaxing read. The cussing cracks me up. I know others complain, but that's how I talk normally. It made it seem more "real" I guess. For lack of a better term. It was like listening to a group of friends. Helped put m...



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