NFT Custom Avatars

NFT Custom Avatars

These images show some of my Custom Avatars NFT Collection. This is a collection of sketches I've made for people and minted so they can be used as avatars. I love making things, and even more making things that light people's whole hearts up. I've been creating avatars for people for a while now, this is just extending the process to another platform.

You see, NFTs are nothing more than an extension of the digital art world. As much as people that don't understand hate them, they really are another avenue for artists to get their creations noticed. Just another way for artists to sell their work without too many hands controlling the process. They aren't restricted to redundant cartoons and memes. They don't need utility. Art is valuable and has stood on its own throughout history. Art comes in so many forms. This venue just highlights that, and with anything in life, you have to search for the things that speak to you. 

NFTs into custom gifts

Do you know someone that is into NFTs and you're looking for something fun to get them for the holidays? Get them their own personalized avatar! Need a little help with just how to do this? No worries, I got you. Just send me a message and we'll get you all set up. Not into NFTs?  I can create these avatars for any platform or use. I can even make them appear irl! 

NFT avatar to canvas bag - custom gifts

What is this magic you ask? Not only can I design a custom avatar, I can take these designs and create prints, bags, shirts, mugs, a canvas... Do you have an idea? Hit me up and I'll see what I can do.

If you're interested, use the message bubble at the bottom of any page to contact me. All you will need is a high quality image from me to work from. Still wondering what it is I'm going on about? Take a look at the gallery within this post. Let me know what you think in the comments. I hope you enjoy them. 

NFT custom avatars and custom printed gifts



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