Spilling the Tea

Spilling the Tea


I've missed you! I got my Instagram account unlocked and I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Now to make a plan as to what to start sharing with you. I thought I'd start here on the blog, as this is my space to do what I please. 

This might be a long one, so I'll start with what I've been up to. Just in case you'd like to skip the drama. Because oh boy, oh boy!  First and foremost the beauty in the struggle. If you look hard enough, there is always some sort of shining light in every situation. For me, the loss of a social platform that I had used to build my community was the push I needed to create a space free from automated censorship and all my own. Welcome! You have arrived. 

The New Look

This is my blog, We Sassy. Here you can not only find all kinds of news and stories, you can even comment and talk to me and other members of the community! It's still very new and people are a bit shy to comment, but it's here and ready for you (should be be the first daring soul to try). I promise I don't bite. Try it out, tell me what you think. 

Algorithms are crazy little beasts. It's like trying to get a message from a toddler sometimes. All kinds of information, and not exactly what you asked for. Here you can come directly to the source making sure not to miss a thing. If you'd like to take that one step further, sign up to become a subscriber. Get access to news, along with deals and sales only available to subscribers. No worries, I don't charge for this. 

The next thing you might have noticed is the new website. You can now get here just by typing rbf.wtf very easy to remember. I've been working very hard on a new design. Please tell me what you think. I have collected all three of my websites and put them into one organized place so you don't have to search any longer.

Where I've Been

As far as what social media platform, I've been hanging out on Twitter.  Come give me a follow. Not only is it a fun place to hang out, you also get a live feed of every new and restocked item added to my shop.  I still have an Etsy shop and that's where you will need to place your order if you live in a country that collects VAT. With the new regulations I just do not have the ability to handle these requests myself as of yet. On Etsy, I can use their VAT ID without setting up my own. If you don't see what you're looking for in my Etsy shop, send me a message here and I'll add it for you as soon as possible. 

If you head on over to my Twitter, you'll see that I have been a little inactive there as well. I also had to stop participating in my favorite auction house for the time being. This might be TMI, and you can skip to the next header if you aren't interested.

I am a chronically ill individual plagued with migraines, low blood pressure causing syncope, and neuropathy. I was also diagnosed with stage 4 endometriosis. In treating this I was found to have several masses as well as some lesions on other organs. I have undergone several surgeries to remove the masses, repair lesions, and mitigate the damage and pain caused by endometriosis. Doctors are currently monitoring the other masses. I am in good hands. 

Due to the neuropathy, I announced this summer that I will no longer be carrying any crocheted items. I will no longer take custom orders for crochet items as well. I do apologize for this inconvenience. I have also stopped steadily making beaded and wire jewelry. I do still have a few items lingering in the shop if you are interested. I am not saying I will no longer make these, but they will be more rare than they once were. I have turned my focus to my artwork. This is all bittersweet, as everything happens for a reason. 

What Happened on IG

So why did I stop using IG? Ha! That's a very interesting story, and probably deserves it's own blog post. However, I didn't want to dedicate one to the issue. It's ridiculous and, as I feel I owe an explanation, I wanted to bury the story as it's not a very pretty side of dealing with other makers, and social media platforms. I wish I could pretend it didn't happen, because there are so many amazing shops that are nothing but supportive and wonderful. I do not want to take from them as I am so incredibly honored to know and work with every single one. 

Unfortunately there's always some bad apples in every bunch. I seemed to have been the target of these rotten apple heads.  Some other sellers have taken it upon themselves to start reporting my accounts for anything they could think of. I was seriously reported for sex and drugs. No rock & roll though, but that's ok I'm a Reggae fan anyway. I ended up getting my IG locked for selling merchandise with 420 friendly phrases. So I've agreed to stop sharing those on IG. 

That's when everything got really bad. My shop as a whole was then reported for being a scam and not delivering when items were ordered. I have not, and would NEVER do this! The thing I love creating most are smiles. I would never hurt anyone like this. Nor would I have this shop if it were true. Shopify would have shut me down and so would Etsy. I've been with Shopify since 2010 and I've been a Certified Shopify Partner since 2016. 

They also reported my Twitter and Facebook accounts. IG and FB were locked. My artist account on Twitter where I share art & NFTs was suspended. I am still trying to get this one back (but I started a new one in the meantime). 

This happened on IG & FB first. It also happened about the same time I realized I had masses and began surgery followed by physical therapy. So in all honesty, I gave up a bit. I'm sorry. I didn't even try hard to get my IG & FB accounts unlocked. As hard as it is to be honest here, I will. I was already extremely depressed and barely functioning as an adult. This was just too much for me to handle so I just stayed on Twitter. I took care of the customers I already have and love be cause I adore you and appreciate your support.

What Now

I'm still here. Always will be. No matter what happens, if you can remember my shop name or my URL, you can find me. I do not give up for real. My shop and my art are my job now and I could not be any more proud of all that I have accomplished. 

You can now find my Gift Shop, my Design Studio, and all of my NFT art here in one place. Each aspect also has it's own blog for you to explore. I'm still having a bit of trouble sourcing some things, but most things are back in stock. I'm trying to get everything listed as quickly as possible. I am working on adding more personalized gifts, and ready to use branding packages.  

I appreciate you for sticking around even though I disappeared from social. I would be nowhere with out my amazing customers. I deeply thank each and every one of you for your support and kind words. Thank you for being amazing.

Stay awesome!



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