Weed So Loud

Weed So Loud

This was my first NFT collection, and the self titled album, "Weed So Loud". This collection was created with my first wallet and therefor is hosted on a different Opensea account than my main Opensea. Sometimes it's a bit hard to find.

I had so much fun creating this collection. Its about as loud as it can get. It embodies my love for the 80's with a cyberpunk-esque vibe. It's what I grew up in and it's a style I'll probably never grow out of.

Hypnotic NFT in the Weed So Loud Collection on Opensea

Two of the NFTs in this collection I decided to drop a bit differently. They will not be made available for sale by me. Other's can sell theirs if they would like, but I am giving them to kind stoners I find out in the wilds. The other NFTs in this collection will be available for sale as one off collectible items. See if you can collect the whole set! 

Blazed NFT in the Weed So Loud Collection on Opensea

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Available NFTs

Right now my NFTs are only available on Opensea via the Polygon network. We're proud to be one of the first of many artists to offer their NFTs with cross-blockchain support, giving you a gas-free marketplace on the Polygon blockchain. That's right! Buyers no longer have to pay blockchain fees when making trades.

If you are interested in purchasing an NFT from one of my collections, please tap the Shop NFTs button below to see a catalog of the pieces currently available. I hope you find them nifty.

*This collection is on a different account than usual.

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