Hi! I'm Freya.

This fundraiser is to help me get new hips. I help my best friend by giving her more freedom in life and I would love it if you could help me get around better.

I help keep her safe on hikes, and when she's out alone. I help break her falls and call for help when needed. Then I sit by her side and make sure shes ok while we wait for help. Sometimes I even yell at her when she needs to take a break.


Freya's Surgery Fund

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Freya changed my life. Now I'm on a quest to change hers.

This is a quest for hip surgery and rehabilitation for my best friend. She has given me so much freedom back in my own life, I want to make sure she has the best life possible. I could give her meds and watch her limp around, but I'd rather hike and run with her, and she would love that too.

With your help, I hope to make a difference in the life of this wonderful pupper.


How You Can Help

There are countless ways you can help us in our quest for a better life. You can make a donation (however big or small), place an order in my shop, or volunteer your time sharing the details of this fundraiser.




Thank you! ♡

Thank you very much for stopping by, we really appreciate your help. It doesn't matter how you gave your time or resources, we thank you. Please do not feel obligated to donate or purchase. Just sharing this page with your friends is a huge help, so is just being here. Tap the link below to find downloadable graphics for you to share.

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March Update

Thank you will never be enough for the help you have given. We deeply appreciate your compassion. We will continue to keep updates coming. Right now Freya is on supplements and prescriptions to help keep her mobile and comfortable. She has a lot of trouble jumping and is slow moving, but still mobile, and we're thankful for that.

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Update on Freya

Yesterday (4/19/2) Freya was referred to an Orthopedic Surgon. She was put under for a wide range of xrays. I've been up all night caring for my sweet sedated girl. She will now be in specialized care. We learned that her hips are not her source of pain. She has what is thought to be two torn ACLs as well as the fusing of two of her vertebre. Right now she is on medication to keep her comfortable. She can no longer be my service dog at this time. We're carrying her most places and making sure to keep her comfortable until surgery.


April Update

Thank you will never be enough to show the true appreciate for your compassion. Freya has lost quite a bit of mobility and is being carried quite often. She can no longer go out with me and make sure I am ok. Now it's my turn to make sure she is ok. This is going to be a very long recovery and an expensive surgery. Once $7000 is saved she will go directly into surgery with an orthopedic surgon.

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May Update

Thank you so very much I deeply appreciate for your compassion. Freya is still having mobility issues. As my service dog, this also limits quite a bit of my own activities. This entire process has not been easy, and the sheer cost of helping her makes it incredibly difficult. This is going to be a very long and expensive recovery. Your help deeply touches out hearts.

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Freya Update

Freya and I thank each and every one of you for all of your help. I am doing my best to keep everyone updated on this matter. We have seen several vets and talked to several specailists. It took me a long time, but I have found a vet to perform Stem Cell Therapy on her. She will undergo several sessions. We are currently waiting to see how this goes. We have had to travel quite a ways to find a vet willing to work with us. These costs listed are only for her treatment. They do not include travel expenses or loging as I put buying a new home on hold. These have been carried out by donations as well as the sale of several investments. If you would like to donate please see the links on this page. Liquidity is a bit of an issue. Thank you.

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