Her Highness NFTs

Hey. I'm the RBF behind Smart Sassery and RBF Grafix. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and Small business consultant. Former Model and Dancer. I love music, my family, plants, playing in the dirt, paper, stickers, cards, Pitbulls, tacos, weed, the smell of books, and firecrackers (not together or in that particular order). I'm a little insane and, if you follow my personal account, I'm only a little sorry about that.


Custom Art

If you are interested in having a custom NFT created please use the quote form to make your request. I also take requests for custom art in trade for crypto or fiat. Please request a quote to secure your place in line.

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The Blog

I wanted to create a space to show what I've made and why. You can find that for each individual piece on my blog, "Weed So Loud". Even if they aren't available for sale anymore you can still check there to see all I've made. Come say hi and tell me what you think. Not all NFTs will always be available for sale. 

This is where you will find out more about my NFTs. If you tap any 'Shop NFTs' button, that link will take you directly to my available NFTs on Opensea.

Available NFTs

Right now my NFTs are only available on Opensea via the Polygon network. We're proud to be one of the first of many artists to offer their NFTs with cross-blockchain support, giving you a gas-free marketplace on the Polygon blockchain. That's right! Buyers no longer have to pay blockchain fees when making trades.

If you are interested in purchasing an NFT from one of my collections, please tap the Shop NFTs button below to see a catalog of the pieces currently available. I hope you find them nifty.

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NFTs as Prints

Most of my NFTs comes with a free print of the NFT you purchased for display. Maybe you're not ready to invest in NFTs yet, you can purchase a print of some of my art in the gift shop. Fine art posters are museum quality archival prints and will last for generations. Smaller prints are soft touch finish.

Mini Prints