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I'm the RBF behind Smart Sassery and RBF Grafix. I'm and artist and I love to joke around and have fun. My humor is a bit chaotic and sometimes a little dark. I am always creating something, I just cannot help myself. I love to paint, digitally and physically. I love tacos, dogs, and playing in the dirt as well.

The Blog

Diary of a Crypto Artist is the blog where I share my love for all things blockchain. I share my NFTs and some of my other art. I also include some tips and other topics related to the cryptocurrencies and the art that accompanies it. What I share is simply my own journey through this space. Come say hi!

Diary of a Crypto Artist

NFT Collections

My NFTs are available on Opensea via the Polygon Network. This is a gasless network so you can avoid the expensive blockchain fees. If you're interested please follow the link below.

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How to buy me tacos.

If you are interested in supporting my taco habit, you can send me tacos here. Tips can be made in crypto by tapping 'Taco Me' below. You do not need to create accounts for this. If you are a Coinbase user you can send tips to @HerHighness with minimal fees. To send directly to my wallet, my wallet address is

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